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    Somatic Therapy

    People seek psychotherapy for different reasons. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, the stress of everyday life or the aftermath of trauma, your body is the container that holds it all–thoughts, feelings, sensations–all of our lived experiences that make us who we are. Some of these experiences can help us thrive, feel safe and connected and some can make us feel stuck, uncertain, and reactive.

    Psychotherapy offers a profound opportunity for growth and change. Somatic psychotherapy in particular engages the body’s nervous system in a way that allows positive, lasting changes in the way we feel, live, and experience life.

    Being human comes with many experiences ranging from the most joyous to the most painful that threaten our resilience. Few of us will get through life without having unexpected losses, relationship problems, or trauma. But neuroscience has been showing us that we are hardwire to heal and change. Positive change can happen in the context of safety.

    My work focuses on creating safety in the room, in our relationship, and most importantly, in your body. How do you know when you are safe? One clue–the nervous system! We will explore this and come up with strategies to tap into a good felt sense, a foundation of safety outside and inside your body. And from there, we will journey together through the depths of your experiences impacting different aspects of your life.