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    Couples Counseling

    Do you miss what you once had? Whether you are feeling the pain from too much distance or too much conflict, couples therapy can help you rediscover a new level of awareness, a stronger connection and sense of intimacy.

    All couples go through transitions. And while transitions are a part of life, the process of change and growth can often bring about a sense of confusion, fear, and unsettledness into our lives. Sometimes these challenges leave us feeling disconnected or even resentful. Whether planned or unplanned, change can be tremendously hard and scary.

    My work with couples is grounded in the Developmental Model of couples therapy developed in the early 80’s by Ellyn Bader, Ph.D and Pete Pearson, Ph.D. The Developmental Model incorporates developmental, attachment, and differentiation theory with neuroscience to help partners nurture their own individual growth while teaching them to recognize negative cycles that jeopardize it. These negative patterns most often include wounds and burdens from the past that are reenacted in the relationship, re-triggering emotional traumas in each other without repairing it. With my help, couples can learn ways to repair the hurt they cause to each other and find more options to not only effectively manage life’s challenges but also create more connectedness and better intimacy.