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    Trauma Work, Toxic Stress, & PTSD

    Do you feel uneasy, tense, or unsafe in your own body? Trapped by your own thoughts and emotions, like a nagging feeling or muscular tension that create a state of unrest, fear or dissatisfaction within you? I know that feeling; that sensation that we try to ignore with distractions but just won’t go away completely. Wherever you go, there it is, lurking, waiting for you.

    Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, the stress of everyday life or the aftermath of trauma, your body is the container that holds it all—thoughts, feelings, sensations—all our lived experiences that make us who we are. Some of these can help us thrive and feel safe and some can make us feel stuck, uncertain, and reactive, like a pressure cooker waiting to explode.

    As we meet, I will offer you the opportunity to work experientially and through talk therapy. You will learn how to notice, track, and explore feelings, sensations, and your own physiology within a safe and supportive space. We will explore the language of your body to uncover deeper parts of your story that need attention and together work to create a more fluid sense of life where change can happen.